Monday, July 18, 2011

I just love using Social Media

Many of us today are using social media as a platform to connect with everyone am i rite? even our parents also have one of these ... not to mention students, employers, businessmen, celebrities, and even our Prime minister have one!

WE all have facebook, twitter, myspace, blog and etc

For me , i use these social media  just to connect with my families , friends, new friends , my cousins ... when im bored i'll update a new status, i'll make a new entry for my blog, i'll make a video at my youtube acc, when im not near my friends i'll use skype for web-camming .... it is just fun using these platform ....  my lecturer once said,  this is a "screen-age" generation ....  that means when we wake-up in the morning we'll go check our phones, we log-in to our facebook before we do our assignments, we will tweet wherever we go , we will post something if we are angry with someone, we will ask stupid question at formspring  .... can u deny all that? haha ask urself!

So to all my readers and followers .... if u want to connect me with other social media ... these are the link to it .... if u have facebook just add me, if u have twitter come follow me . But for now im only active on using facebook and blogger .... so these are the link ..... come and check it out! :

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